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Rolling Stone | 05.02.18

All-American Nazis

Matt Goerzen

For this deep dive into the white-supremacist group Attomwaffen, Data & Society Researcher Matt Goerzen provided background on red pilling and 4chan.


“By the fall of 2012, a 4chan user called ‘Stormpheus’ began circulating what he called a ‘Redpill instruction pamphlet,’ which advised others to ‘sweet talk [users on other 4chan boards] about things that are on topic.’ Many 4chan users – on both /pol/ and other boards – pushed back against the ‘stormfags,’ as they called these interlopers. ‘It was mostly because they’d show up on /pol/ and start expressing very sincere white-nationalist beliefs without the ironic-humor component,’ says Matt Goerzen, of the research institute Data and Society. Which is not to say that those posting ironically might not also have had those beliefs, he adds. ‘You are playing with such a sophisticated irony in this anonymous culture, even people who understand how multilayered it all is can’t necessarily see through it. You are whoever you pretend to be.'”

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