Another Pointless Study / Law & Order / Tech A Tale of Two Uber Studies: As Lawsuit Expands, Dueling Datasets Ask Whether Drivers Are Happy

D&S researcher Alex Rosenblat’s work in researching the driving sharing economy was mentioned in this San Francisco Weekly article discussing Uber drivers’ attitudes towards participating in Uber.

88 percent said they drove because the job suited them, not because they had no other options. But “no other options” may be a suspiciously broad standard. This just means that driving is (for the time being) more appealing than the worst other job available to them. That’s a fair point, but it doesn’t really have much oomph behind it.”

But compare these drivers’ attitudes with the ones in an independent study from earlier this year with the scintillating title “Uber’s Drivers: Information Asymmetries and Control in Dynamic Work” from the New York-based Data & Society Research Institute.

Alex Rosenblat
Luke Stark

Dec 10, 2015

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