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op-ed | 09.05.14

Data Empathy: Learning from health care

Gina Neff

Nude pictures of celebrities stolen from their own iCloud accounts. Facebook experimenting with the emotions in their users’ feeds. Google reading Gmail before their users do. Fitness trackers without privacy policies, vulnerable to security breaches, and bait-and-switch tactics to sell customers’ data. Almost every day there is a story about the gap between the expectations people have for their own data and what companies actually do with that data. To fix this gap, we first need to rethink the nature of data.

In this op-ed D&S advisor Gina Neff confronts a root cause of some of the most controversial and upsetting technology-related incidents in recent memory- the way we think about data. Using research she conducted on how data might transform health care, Neff offers lessons on how we companies can begin having productive conversations with users about their data.

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