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Other | 02.01.16

Refugees’ New Infrastructure for Movement

Mark Latonero

Sign in Belgrade’s “refugee park,” a city park that became a refugee meeting spot (Red Cross network/password omitted). November 2015. CC BY-NC-ND-licensed photo by Mark Latonero.

A Digital Passage

Phones, social media, mobile apps, online maps, instant messaging, translation websites, wire money transfers, cell phone charging stations, and Wi-Fi hotspots have created a new infrastructure for movement as critical as roads or railways.

Points: “Refugees’ New Infrastructure for Movement” is published here under a CC BY license. It is an edited version of Mark Latonero’s For Refugees, a Digital Passage to Europe, posted originally by the Thompson Reuters Foundation. (It was subsequently republished by the Responsible Data Forum.) Mark also spoke about the digital passage with Nora Young on CBC Spark.

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