Borhane Blili-Hamelin

Borhane Blili-Hamelin is an ethicist who brings a philosophical and qualitative lens to technical areas like machine learning evaluation, auditing, risk assessment, red teaming, and vulnerability management. He is a Data & Society affiliate. As an officer at ARVA, the nonprofit home of the AI Vulnerability Database (AVID), he works on standards for discovering and disclosing harmful flaws in AI systems. He coordinated AVID’s work as a community partner organization for the White House-supported DEF CON 31 Generative Red Team event, and works on algorithmic audits as a senior consultant at BABL.

Borhane’s current research projects study the potential of red-teaming for empowering communities to recognize and prevent generative AI harm, and explicitly value-laden and pluralistic correctives to key practices and concepts in AI research such as benchmarks and AGI. A former project lead for the Mozilla Festival’s Civil Society Actors for Trustworthy AI working group and a former MozFest wrangler, he earned his PhD in philosophy from Columbia University.

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