2017-2018 Fellow

Taeyoon Choi

Taeyoon Choi is an artist, educator, and activist based in New York and Seoul. His art practice involves performance, electronics, drawings, and installations that form the basis for storytelling in public spaces. He co-founded the School for Poetic Computation where he continues to organize sessions and teach classes.

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  • video
    Taeyoon Choi creates art as a form of research. In this talk, he describes his practice and a few examples of work he has pursued during his fellowship at Data & Society. He touches on ideas such as the “uncomputable”; the ... Read more
    June 2018
  • Longform
    The New Inquiry
    In this essay, D&S Fellow Taeyoon Choi interrogates technology designed for those with disabilities. "Even with the most advanced technology, disability can not and—sometimes should not—disappear from people. There are dis... Read on The New Inquiry
    February 2018
  • Book or Chapter
    Taeyoon Choi
    On September 27th, D&S Fellow Taeyoon Choi released the first two chapters of his online-book "Poetic Computation: Reader," which looks at code as a form of poetry as well as the ethics behind it. As an online-book, readers... Read on Taeyoon Choi
    October 2017