Gabrielle Lim

Researcher/Open Technology Fund Fellow

As an Open Technology Fund Information Controls Fellow, Gabrielle is investigating how state response to disinformation in Malaysia and Singapore will affect freedom of expression and Internet access. Drawing from securitization theory, authoritarian studies, and political science, her research project consists of three objectives: 1) to identify what the state gains from framing “fake news” as a national security threat; 2) to identify the unique threats to freedom of expression and Internet access that may arise from this scenario; and 3) how can civil society react to the securitization of disinformation.

Before coming to Data & Society, Gabrielle was at Citizen Lab where she researched political disinformation. She was also an Open Society Foundations grantee in 2017, completing a research project on far-right rhetoric on Twitter. In 2018, she received a Masters of Global Affairs from the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy at the University of Toronto, where she focused on counterterrorism, global security, and cybersecurity. 


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