Announcements | 05.29.19

Fellows Talk Series: June 2019

This year, our fellows have been exploring topics from police accountability and accessible tech, to racial literacy and community-centered AI. For three Wednesdays in June, we’ll be hosting a series of lightning talks, where each fellow will present their work and provocations from the 2018-19 Data & Society fellowship program. Join us! RSVP to each talk individually below.


June 5: Databite No. 121 | Chancey Fleet, Mutale Nkonde

  • Dark Patterns in Accessibility Tech by Chancey Fleet
  • What Do We Know? The Inability to Question Mark Zuckerberg in Congress by Mutale Nkonde


June 12: Databite No. 122 | Jessie Daniels, Stephanie Dinkins

  • Why Now is the Time for Racial Literacy in Tech by Jessie Daniels
  • Not The Only One — Practical Adventures in Creating an AI Memoir by Stephanie Dinkins


June 19: Databite No. 123 | Veronica Avila, Cynthia Conti-Cook, Jasmine McNealy

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