Director of Creative Strategy

Sam Hinds

Sam Hinds envisions and hones the most resonant insights and products from our research.

Sam Hinds is a creative director and strategist who works with emerging technology experts to hone resonant insights from specialist knowledge. Sam translates Data & Society’s work on topics including AI and disinformation to incubators, leadership groups, and foreign ministries. She has spoken at the University of Oxford, re:publica, Katapult Future Fest, and the School of Visual Arts.

At Data & Society, Sam directs design and creative ideation, media and press engagement, international outreach, curatorial partnerships, digital content, and copy. She manages a team of communications specialists and sits on the senior leadership team responsible for strategic planning and institutional sustainability.

Previous roles include directing boutique communications studio Tact Department, directing major art exhibition communications and marketing for Creative Time, serving as Editor-at-Large for The New Inquiryconducting expert seminars and post-conflict documentation for the International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ), and supporting global client operations at political risk consultancy Eurasia Group.

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