Aiha Nguyen

Labor Engagement Lead

Aiha Nguyen is Data & Society’s Labor Engagement Lead for the Future of Labor Initiative. Her focus is bridging research and practice to expand our understanding of technological systems’ impact on work, building the field of actors engaging on this issue, and informing policy on future of work. Aiha has over a decade of experience in advocacy, policy and organizing. Before coming to Data & Society, she was director of the Grocery & Retail project with the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE) were she worked to raise standards for retail workers and addressed issues of food access in the city. Trained as a researcher, Aiha received her masters in Urban Planning from UCLA and has authored several reports including an analysis of outsourced passenger service work at Los Angeles International airport, impact of automated self-checkout systems on public safety and jobs, and a baselines study of Orange County’s philanthropic community. Prior to that, Aiha was an organizer on state and local elections in California and worked for federal legislators.

LRAN Conference
May 31, 2018

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