On March 17, the Data & Society Research Institute, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), and New York University’s Information Law Institute co-hosted a public event entitled The Social, Cultural, & Ethical Dimensions of “Big Data.” The purpose of this event was to convene key stakeholders and thought leaders from across […]

Private sector companies accumulate a tremendous amount of data in their day-to-day operations. Market research, communications tracking, client relationship management, and market activities generate a wealth of information, which tends to stay in the private domain. The call for increased privacy standards and opt-out conditions for such data has been reinforced by recent national and […]

Data & Society advisor Alondra Nelson and artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg pair up for a luncheon talk with the D&S community on DNA, identity, surveillance, and ethics.

With the help of an amazing group of advisors, affiliates, and friends, the Data & Society team has been working over the last year to translate lots of ideas into a dynamic research organization. Data & Society will soon be in a space of its own, we have funded projects and interesting events in the […]

Many issues central to the civil rights community – including criminal justice, education, employment, finance, health, and housing – are being affected by “big data” dynamics.

…discussing issues that may arise when civil society, companies or governments call upon computer scientists in the pursuit of regulation by design.

Sean Gorman speaks about: Our Algorithmic Future: Can Community Driven Incentives Create Greater Transparency?

Sarah Brayne speaks about: Stratified Surveillance: Policing in the Age of Big Data…

Jeffrey Lane discusses the Prosecutorial Affordances of Social Media…

Judith Donath discusses fashion as a signal of status in an information-centric society.