Alex Rosenblat

Researcher / Technical Writer

Alex Rosenblat is a technology ethnographer trained in sociology who studies how technology shapes changes in the workplace, and why that transforms how we relate to one another in society. She is the author of “Uberland: How Algorithms are Rewriting the Rules of Work”, forthcoming with the University of California Press in 2018. Her multi-disciplinary scholarship spans across Uber’s drivers, algorithmic management, information and power asymmetries on employment platforms, and surveillance and accountability. Her most recent work is available in the International Journal of Communications, the Columbia Law Review at Columbia University, the Policy & Internet Journal at the University of Oxford, and Surveillance & Society at Queen’s University. Her research is featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, MIT Technology Review, the New Scientist, the Guardian, Vice, Quartz, Time, WIRED, Le Temps, CTV, and elsewhere, and she is an occasional contributor to the Harvard Business Review, Motherboard, Slate, the Atlantic, and Pacific Standard. She works as a Researcher & Technical Writer at the Data & Society Research Institute in NYC. Her B.A. is in History from McGill University, and her M.A. is in Sociology from Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada.

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Press Coverage

Jun 21, 2018
Workshop on Power Struggles in the Digital Economy
Nov 03, 2018
Strata Data Conference
Mar 05, 2018
Log Out! Worker Resistance Within and Against the Platform Economy
Mar 06, 2018

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