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  • event
    Mary L. Gray's talk is based on her latest book, Ghost Work: How to Stop Silicon Valley from Building a New Global Underclass, a collaboration with computer scientist Siddharth Suri. Ghost Work is a necessary and revelatory exp... Read more
    May 2019
  • podcast
    Radio NZ
    D&S researcher Alex Rosenblat was interviewed by Radio NZ about Uber and the promises it makes its drivers, i.e. flexible hours and freedom. Read on Radio NZ
    February 2017
  • podcast
    Data & Society
    We all have moments in which someone’s use of new media baffles us, and we have to ask a friend how to respond. It often isn’t just the content of the message, it is also using that particular medium in that way which leaves us... Read more
    March 2016
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